Follow These Steps to Keep Your Money Safe When Shopping Online

Follow these steps to keep your money safe when shopping online. Make sure you have all the right information before heading out to make a purchase.

Never give your credit card number to anyone. Use only bank-issued debit cards or another form of payment card that has a pin number that is hard to get.

You can’t expect your money online to be safe, because the stores themselves are not safe. They keep their personal information on separate servers and have a policy in place to disclose that information with law enforcement if needed.

The money you spend online is just as vulnerable to fraud as your checks are to getting cut up or even sold to a drug dealer. Thieves can steal all the account information with a mouse click and be very sneaky about it.

When checking out on a website that requires a credit card, read the fine print for additional fees. Pay attention to any types of hidden charges that you may incur by using a credit card online.

Check with your bank and check out the privacy policy on any websites that use your personal information. There may be a fee to do this, and you may want to check into it before giving out your financial information.

Always use a credit card online that only you will use. Most merchants are very careful to go through a process where they actually have to show you a valid credit card, so you should never be tempted to give out personal information.

Always remember to swipe your credit card from the credit card reader before you enter your information, and that it is for a gift card or some other type of reward system. Then, once you enter your information, you should be able to scan the card.

The major credit card companies use EMV chip technology, which is highly secure. These are the standards that Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are using worldwide.

Most merchants are now using those systems to protect their customers, and they’ve taken all the security measures necessary to ensure the protection of the consumer. It’s never too late to start protecting yourself, and if you don’t do it now, it may not be too late later.

When you make a purchase, put all your money in one place. Keep it in a separate container with a magnetic strip, so it’s easy to pull out.

When you’re done, slide the two pieces together so you can remove the magnetic strip and slip your credit card number through the reader on the back of the card. That way, all your personal information is safely in one place.